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Ever wanted to put your thoughts somewhere? 
Or you wanted your friends to know more about you? 
Or you wanted to put constant updates about your field of interest on net? 
Or make a file sharing platform? 
Or you wanted to have a website of your own?
Or you wanted to know more about Internet?

Answer for all the above questions is having a blog. The best way of achieving all the above questions is of course, having a website. However, you need to have the domain where you can design your website. And this is not free. You need to purchase and register your domain. So, blog is the perfect option.
Create blog

How to create?
 There are plenty of blog platforms where you can build your blog. Some of them lists as:
Blogger and Wordpress are the most widely used and you can experiment so many things here. I would suggest blogger or wordpress. Just login to its account and start posting!

What to post?
The answer to this question is in your hands. What to post is completely dependent on your perception and your ideas. Be very specific on what you want to post. Once you start posting about one topic, you may find it hard to deviate. You can use Tumblr and other platforms to post articles.

How often you need to post?
It is advisable to post atleast 2 to 3 articles per week. Do not leave the blog static. Keep posting articles so that the visitors keep visiting your blog often.

What next?
Next thing is to submit your blog to search engines if you want your blog to be found there. Google uses Webmasters, Yahoo uses direct link submission and so on. To make your blog reach the first pages of search engine, you need to optimize your blog.

How to make it attractive?
You can place lot of attractive widgets, compromising loading time, which can attract users. Also, you can add some interactive sessions, feedback forms, links to other sites, funny articles(pertaining to your topic) etc. Also you can use eye-catching blog templates available on various websites like blogtemplates, bloggerstyles etc.

How do you draw visitors to blog?
Add a sharing widget using which you and your visitors can share the blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Orkut etc. Their friends can view this link and visit your blog. This is very elementary of course. Next, you can submit your blog links to various blog search engines like,,,, etc. Finally you can get traffic from search engines. But to achieve this, you will have to keep your blog up and running for months.

How to make money out of blog?
To make money from your blog, only way is to get advertisements to your blog from famous Ad providers. Google AdSense provides ads to blogs,but they expect your blog to have large content and atleast 6-8 months old. Adbrite is another Ad supplier who expect you to have large content on your blog again. Similarly there are many other websites which provide Ads, provided your blog pass their tests.

Gain better hold on HTML.
Web Designing becomes easy and interesting.
Develops interest in Search Engine Optimization and Network Marketing.
Develops network world wide (If you are smart enough).
Understand the importance of HTML, Java, Javascripts, Analytics, Web Traffic etc.

Difficult to pick up a topic to post articles.


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