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Are you frustrated with waiting for your system to boot up for long time? You probably don't want to wait so long to start working, specially when you are in a hurry! Now there are softwares that helps you analyze whats taking so much time to boot. And if the program is not essentially required by the Operating System, you can remove unnecessary programs that prolongs boot time using these softwares. One such software is Soluto.

Using a PC can be a deeply frustrating experience if its slow. Now you can analyze the pc booting sequence and reduce pc boot time significantly. Unless you’re a power-user, you probably don’t know what’s causing the frustrations, those moments where some mysterious process is hogging your PC’s resources. 

Even if you are a power-user, it can take quite some time to pin-point the causes. Soluto’s goal is to bring an end to the frustrations PC users encounter by :

Frustration detection : Our patent-pending low level driver technology detects when you’re frustrated by your PC and tells you which application is causing it.
Power of the crowd : Soluto harnesses the power of the crowd to learn which actions really eliminate frustrations and improve user experience, and leverages this user wisdom for the benefit of all PC users.  

Analyze Slow PC's Booting Sequence, Reduce Booting Time: Soluto

Does your PC take too long to boot up? With Soluto, you can trim that boot time and find out exactly what’s taking so long with Soluto.
Download this amazing software using this link.


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